CLP: Compress Your Logs.
Search Without Decompression.

Lossless Compression

Efficient Search & Analytics

Lightning Fast Ingestion

Case Study: Uber

CLP is deployed on Uber's big data platform, achieving a 169x compression ratio. Before CLP, Uber was forced to start dropping INFO-level logs due to capacity issues and SSD burn-out. Now, all logs are retained and efficiently analyzed at 169x less cost.

  • Retain all logs without any loss
  • Real-time & Lightweight Compression
  • Tackle SSD burn-out


Diagram of the CLP ecosystem


Real-time compression integrated into the logging library, compressing logs at the source before they're written to disk.

CLP's compression ratio is 2-3x higher than general-purpose compressors like Zstandard and Gzip. Compared to existing log management tools, CLP can reduce storage and compute costs by up to 169x. CLP's log compression is fully automated—users don't need to provide any schemas for parsing logs.

CLP provides an intuitive interface for viewing log files with advanced features. For example, it allows users to filter logs by their level or timestamp, and recognizes multi-line log events like stack traces.
Diagram of the CLP ecosystem

Edge Analytics

CLP is deployed on electric vehicles, performing efficient log compression and analytics on the EV itself. Logs are no longer transmitted and stored in the cloud, minimizing cloud service costs.

Diagram of CLP's edge ecosystem

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