Pricing: Analytics at half the storage costs
Cloud: CLP as a Service
Just $0.40/GB storage costs for compressed logs per month.
That is less than $0.01/GB/Mo. of uncompressed log!*
  • Free log ingestion and lossless compression
  • 5 compute credits for each GB of compressed logs
  • Search & analytics on entire history of compressed logs
  • Always-on enterprise grade encryption in transit and at rest
  • Data replicated 3X+ times across availability zones for high reliability and durability
Starting at 25GB of compressed log for $10/month, equivalent to about 1TB of uncompressed log.
Virtual Private Cloud or On Premise
  • AWS or Azure PrivateLink support
  • Provisioned compute and storage resources
  • Dedicated encryption and metadata stores
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💡 Compute Credits:
1 compute credit is 1 hour of compute time on 1 Parallelization Unit (PU). A PU is a normalized unit of computing resources, including the CPU core and memory that are optimized to run one execution unit (e.g., thread) of search job. Each additional Compute Credit costs $0.07.

Unprecedented Cost Savings, Enabled By Innovative Technology

Pay Only For What You Use

Unlike other log processing tools that charge based on uncompressed log size, CLP Cloud's pricing is based on the compressed log size. This reflects the true cost, as CLP only stores the compressed logs, and search operates only on compressed logs. Compute usage is billed on a per-second basis.

We Help You FURTHER Save Your Cost

See our FAQ on how you can optimize for comrpession ratio and search performance to further reduce the cost.
* Assuming 43:1 compression based on our experiments..